Hi! My name is Eric, photographed above in a couple of my happy places.
I'm a designer, photographer, & videographer based in Durango, CO. Over the years, I've gained experience working on a variety of projects ranging from one-off newsletters to 6-month long campaigns with hundreds of deliverables. I love being adaptable, learning new tools, broadening my skillset, and working towards mastery of my crafts. I am a passionate adventurer and love being able to tell the story of outdoor adventures to inspire others to get out there and explore. I have experience managing a team while delivering multiple projects under tight deadlines, all the while keeping my cool and being a positive guy to be around.
Please take a look at some of my work below. Let me know if you have any questions!
Some of my Most recent work examples
Selection of Photos
Selection of Commercial Video Work
Selection of Weekend Adventure Videos
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